Membership Information

Current Members

Managing Courses

Current members should maintain their institution's courses by using the Administrator Suite to match the appropriate course in the Texas Common Course Numbering System Inventory. The TCCNS Board will determine when a new cycle will begin.

Requesting New Courses

These forms should be submitted when a member institution wishes to petition the Board to add a new course under an existing prefix in the TCCNS Inventory. The proposed course should not currently appear in the TCCNS Inventory. Once completed in its entirety the form must be signed by the Institutional Contact and the institution's Chief Academic Officer.

Because the purpose of TCCNS is to facilitate transfer among institutions, the completed form is intended to provide adequate information to determine the need for the requested course. Information submitted should include substantial justification for the course. Requesting institutions should research and review current course offerings and transfer practices among Texas institutions.

As part of the approval process, recommendations will be solicited from academic chairs or appropriate administrators at Texas universities offering programs in the discipline in which the course would most likely be offered. The completed forms must be signed by the appropriate representatives. Multiples copies of the University Faculty Course Recommendations may be made.


Add New TCCNS Course

Faculty New Course Recommendation

Applying for Membership

This form is to be completed when an institution wishes to become a member of the Texas Common Course Numbering System. The institution agrees to maintain the system in accordance with the Texas Common Course Numbering System Guidelines.

The form requires that each institution seeking membership designate an Institutional Contact and a Student Contact. These designated contacts will be listed in the Texas Common Course Numbering System Directory. The Institutional Contact's signature is required on other forms regarding course inventory updates and changes to the system. If ever necessary, the Institutional Contact would vote on the behalf of the institution.

The Board or Database Coordinator may ask the Institutional Contact for information about the institution's participation in the system. The Student Contact will not be asked to sign on the behalf of the institution, but should be highly knowledgeable regarding the Texas Common Course Numbering System Inventory and transfer practices. A student seeking information about an institution's Texas Common Course Numbering System involvement will be referred to the Student Contact.

The agreement form requires the signature of the president or designee and the signature of the Chair of the Texas Common Course Numbering System Board. A copy the agreement will be returned to the institution after the appropriate signature is affixed by the Board.

TCCNS Membership Application